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Jung Typology Test

About a week ago one of my professors gave the class the assignment of needing to take the Myers-Briggs Jung Typology Test. I had never heard of it but when I clicked the link to the test it and read a few questions it seemed easy enough.

It is comprised of about 60-70 questions I believe. The questions were actually quite fascinating. A part of me wanted to answer the way the person I project myself to be would answer and another part of me was like, screw it, be you.

I followed the latter. I answered these questions completely honestly even if it was something I was uncomfortable admitting to myself.

My ‘score’ ended up being “INTJ”, the website described it this way:

 You are:

  • moderately expressed introvert
  • moderately expressed intuitive personality
  • distinctively expressed thinking personality
  • distinctively expressed judging personality

Because this wasn’t quite thorough enough for my likings and also because my professor assigned some follow up work relating to this test, I delved a bit deeper.

I came across a type description by D. Keirsey. Dr. Keirsey labeled all 16 possible combinations of the Jung test. Some examples would be supervisor, inspector, inventor, champion, healer, and crafter. My label is Mastermind. Quite fitting, wouldn’t you say? Joking. This title of mastermind really interested me so I decided I needed to continue my search for information. (Did I mention Stephen Hawking was also labeled a mastermind? Talk about being in good company.)

Finally, I came across a website that was full of information on INTJ and their relationships. I found it to be very true to form and when my significant other and I get a few moments to ourselves I think I may have him take the test and see where he falls. It’s all so fascinating. Then again, that could just be true to me because I’m an INTJ.

Goodbye for now. My children beckon me.


Oh and if you are interested in taking the test just google it. Lots of different sites will pop up.

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